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Analysis The Game: Until Dawn

The fact is that this new generation of graphic adventures creates controversy between the players, but it is also a reality that in recent years are achieving some popularity and acceptance. They managed to melt film, television and video games almost completely. Its experience affordable and direct game, based on Quick Time Events, give the player the always engaging experience to shape the narrative and history of the video game based on their own decisions, almost at will, in a dynamic, personalized, natural and film.

Quantic Dream, a pioneer in the creation of these experiences study or Telltale Games with good repertoire of adventures, are the best example of this style of play that is slowly making it a niche in the market, because there is a part of the public who knows to appreciate it. No regular players and players with callus. The first enjoy an interactive movie where you can bask claiming they are the ones who write history in a game that often seems almost real, and seconds are in such proposals an alternative to general catalog and a moment of respite in More complex mechanical game through an elaborate and deep history, pressing buttons at the right time and when I ordered. If you’ve played Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls or The Walking Dead you’re probably thinking that Until Dawn of Supermassive Games may be more of the same. You’re right, it is, but it is also true that it has elements that seek to differentiate, providing more than just pressing buttons ultimately show their own character. Continue reading Analysis The Game: Until Dawn

Analysis The Game: SOMA

The sea floor is dark and contains horrors…

Said to be under the sea is the closest thing to being on another planet.  SOMA is a mysterious game inside which a brilliant history of horror and science fiction is hidden, but ends up waking up more interest the latter than the former. To find out, the game puts us just one condition: play your way, in a way that moves away from the current standard, betting heavily on immersion and experience-oriented horror lonely night masochistic player, we thank you still make games as SOMA.  However, its recognition, as happens to the protagonist of the game, probably end submerged in the depths of the sea. This is helped by the fact that the first-person horror is a resource too common in recent years. Continue reading Analysis The Game: SOMA

Analysis of Fire Emblem Fates: Kindred, the ideal way for the erring

A few days ago we analyze ‘Fire Emblem Fates‘ starting with ‘Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest’, the most demanding and complicated chapter of this particular odyssey of Intelligent Systems. Today it’s ‘Fire Emblem Fates: Kindred’.

It is by far the most bearable history and fewer headaches will give us even though we play in hard mode with activated Classic style (with permanent deaths). Among Kindred half Conquista an abyss: it is like comparing the beginning of the saga with what came later.

While one ‘Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest’, does not give us practically not a single moment of respite or just side missions to try to create a more competitive equipment for our avatar, Corrin, ‘Fire Emblem Fates: Kindred’ is more permissive and be we who take the pace of history, taking all the time we want to develop our units. Continue reading Analysis of Fire Emblem Fates: Kindred, the ideal way for the erring

LEGO Marvel Avengers analysis

Marvel heroes are back with the sequel to the great LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and we have you all in our analysis of LEGO Marvel Avengers, which reaches all next generation consoles and the last cycle machines and PC.

It is a tradition that TT Games and Warner Bros gifting us the fabulous players adventure set in a large number of successful characters and licenses, but always under the prism of LEGO particularly. A formula already known, however, not surprises us with new playable and unquestionable overall quality in each of their deliveries. Two years ago, we received the first title starring the legendary Marvel superheroes, a wonderful adventure action which delighted fans of both parts of the known toy building as the known franchise. A high quality proposal that also had all the good sense of humor that characterize all titles of this now classic video game franchise.

Like its predecessor, its continuation is be quite playable delight, pure also for lovers of proposals cooperatives will enjoy this adaptation to the world of LEGO of hilarious gold films Marvel The Avengers and The Age of Ultron, also some of the most incredible moments of cinematic Marvel universe through six of the films of Marvel Studios. Continue reading LEGO Marvel Avengers analysis

Analysis Firewatch

As players we are, we are used to living adventures and situations from perspectives and characters of diverse cultures. Firewatch is one of those games that manages to add a new role to your list of digital roles, putting this time in the role of a vigilante fire-fighting first-timer, an ordinary guy who has decided to put aside his complicated life to go a season to Mount Curran (how simple and wonderful is everything in the world of video games, eh)

Adventure Campo Santo immediately aims to immerse the player in his immersive and personal, something that gets almost from the beginning, through its narrative and the way in which presents his protagonist, Henry. His life begins through some of the most important stages and before you start playing, the player involved in that story taking a series of decisions that seem to write the script, while a dramatic melody serves to accompany us to the current situation Henry lives, moments before accepting his new job Firewatch. Continue reading Analysis Firewatch

Analysis Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Highway to Hell

“The great masterpiece of Hideo Kojima”

“The best Snake”

“The best example of the work of Kojima”

“GOTY 2015, a masterpiece”

At this point the opinions about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain seem to be quite clear. The reviews professionals worldwide and most consistent players and rise to the top of the ambitious and last work of Hideo Kojima. It is easy to surrender to melt into kindness and praise when we talk about Metal Gear. And even with his last delivery. Again, I wanted to make a different critical view, avoiding too succumb to pressure and not get carried away by the weight of a great name in the industry. This can be a bit difficult when you hand the last major piece of one of your favorite sagas (as I do) owner and one of the most complex universes and frameworks in the world of videogames.

The pinnacle of the formula created by Master Kojima, a game that takes almost all the concepts that have served to carve their renowned reputation for years and is updated at the same time making the leap to gender bias, the sandbox. Around this detail is the kit of the question, so I have played and received as a Metal Gear but mainly for what it really is an open world game, and as such, must also take into account a number of features that are key in these games. Continue reading Analysis Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain