3 best roguelike games with retro style graphics that you can not miss on Android

Roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing games characterized by the random generation of levels, turn-based gameplay, simple graphics and 2D with retro style and with permanent death or “permadeath”. The latter means that the moment your hero dies you will lose everything. We share some best roguelike games for you old but gold.  Continue reading 3 best roguelike games with retro style graphics that you can not miss on Android

The 8 best games for children Android

Thousands of parents look for daily ways to keep their children entertained. Some achieve it by games, exercises or with tutors of early ages. But others opt for the help of mobile technologies and install educational and entertaining applications for their devices in their devices. little ones. Here are some best games for children Android. Continue reading The 8 best games for children Android

The best multiplayer games on Android mobiles and tablets

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The 15 best offline games for Android (2019)

Many games and applications for mobile phones today require an Internet connection to work. This can be nothing short of anecdotal if we are accustomed to having good coverage and live in an urban center. But things change when we leave our comfort zone. Also, if we are hurrying our monthly Gigas, I’m sure it does not make us much fun that the game on the turn consumes a few bytes on the way. In this post, we review 15 remarkable games for Android that do not require an Internet connection to play them with ease. These are, then, some of the best offline games for Android of today.

The 15 best offline games for Android that do not require WiFi or data to work

It should be noted that the best offline games that we can find in the Play Store today are paid. There are many free games, but as far as quality is concerned, if we look for a good game offline as godsends, irremediably – except for a few exceptions – it will pass through the box.

Limbooffline games for Android

Limbo is an indie classic for PC that has been ported to Android with great care. It is a 2D platform with a design and a monochrome aesthetic, where we put ourselves in the shoes of a young man looking for his sister.

A title with a very special atmosphere, which has led to many tributes and copies more or less inspired in recent years.

Cover Fireoffline games for Android

In Cover Fire, we will be part of the resistance against the evil Tetracorp. A first-person military shooter where we must prevent the enemy from taking on the valuable element 115.

It has a story mode with 60 missions that we can play with the airplane mode activated, without the need to connect to the Internet. It has impressive graphics and several game modes. One of the best offline shooting games for mobile.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

One of the most classic fighting arcades in history also has its own title for Android. Street Fighter IV: CE required a permanent connection to the Internet, but Capcom decided to eliminate this stupid restriction some time ago. We can finally play without having to rely on data or coverage.

In the free version of the game, we can only play with Ryu against Chun-Li, Guile, and Zangief. If we go to the pro version -which is worth 5 euros- we will unlock all the rooster where we will find the rest of the classic characters and some more recent faces. The best offline arcade fighting game for Android.

Asphalt 8: Airborneoffline games for Android

The Asphalt saga needs no introduction. One of the most popular Android racing games with 100 million downloads. All realism is left out in pursuit of the craziest and unbridled amusement.

Really Bad Chess

A game of chess that escapes the norm. The rules are those of a lifetime, but each player starts with random pieces on the board. Can you imagine playing a game of chess with 3 queens, 4 towers and 1 bishop? There are the magic and fun of this title.

During the games, we will compete against the AI ​​of the game, but if we pay for the premium version we can unlock the versus mode (local games with friends).

XCOM: Enemy Within

The XCOM IP also has its mobile game. XCOM: Enemy Within is a strategy game where we must move within a map infested with aliens that want to kill us.

The graphics are fine and the mechanics are easy to learn, but it has a fairly high level of difficulty in some cases. A challenge without a doubt for lovers of tactical games.

Once upon a toweroffline games for Android

Once upon a tower turns the classic story of the prince who will rescue the captive princess in a tower. Here the prince is dead, and it is the hardened princess who seeks life to come down from the tower, facing a lot of monsters and bad beasts.

A vertical adventure game where we must dig our way to the exit. Some pretty interesting graphics and a good soundtrack.


The developers of Minecraft have managed to transfer some of the magic of the original PC game to Android. We can create new worlds and play them offline in creative or survival mode and do practically whatever we want.

The game of Mojang costs $6.99 and also comes with in-game purchases (only skins for characters).

Into the Deadoffline games for Android

Into the Dead, besides being free and allowing us to play without the need of an Internet connection, is one of the best action games for Android. It is a survival of zombies where we must run as much as possible, before being trapped and devoured by the undead.

It has a sequel, and in both cases, the graphics look really good. If you like to spend moments of anxiety and feel a little bit of terror, this is a game that you will have a great time with.

Crossy Road

Do you remember Frogger, the game of the frog that had to cross a road infested with vehicles? Crossy Road is the same but for mobile phones. A really successful game in which we put ourselves in the skin of a retropíxel hen (or a dinosaur, a penguin, and thus up to 100 different characters) and try to overcome all the obstacles that stand in our way. It is another best offline games for Android.

Besides working offline, it also has a multiplayer mode, it is compatible with Android TV and, in addition, it is free. It has in-game purchases, but they are purely cosmetic, so we can pass the entire title without spending a single euro.

Soulcraftoffline games for Android

Many people think that Soulcraft is one of the best RPGs currently on Android, and they are right. Although it has been on the Play Store for a few years it keeps the type really well. A role-playing game, with fights and dungeon exploration. A whole classic.


One of the best sports arcades that we can find on Android. Basket 2 vs 2 matches where we must do everything possible to win. It has local and online multiplayer, although we can also play without the need to be connected to WiFi or data. This is another best offline games for Android.

It is compatible with Android TV, gamepad and the truth is that in general, the game exudes an aroma of highly addictive fun. Here we have to give the reason to Electronic Arts. Yes: NBA Jam is an excellent mobile game.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns and its sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty are a breath of fresh air and originality. Basically, it is an RPG in which we are the king (or the queen) and we must make decisions in a Tinder type environment, accepting or discarding proposals. It is one of the best offline games for Android.

Depending on what we choose we will die sometimes, and sometimes not, but best of all is the black humor of the game and that cartoon design, which makes everything much more attractive to the occasional player. Of course, it works offline.

Crashlandsoffline games for Android

In Crashlands we put ourselves in the shoes of Flux Dabes, a galactic truck driver who crashes on an alien planet. Our goal will be to build a base, collect the merchandise and eliminate a few enemies along the way.

It has a very good level design, seasoned with humor and great playability. A game that has won numerous awards and is highly valued by the Google Play community.

Hill Climb Racing

We finish the list of the best offline games with a classic of the Google Play Store. A driving game where physics plays a key role. It has a good number of levels and improvements to unlock. At first, it may seem silly, but it is one of those games that you end up biting and do not stop until you pass it. It is one of the best offline games for Android.

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