Analysis The Game: Until Dawn

The fact is that this new generation of graphic adventures creates controversy between the players, but it is also a reality that in recent years are achieving some popularity and acceptance. They managed to melt film, television and video games almost completely. Its experience affordable and direct game, based on Quick Time Events, give the player the always engaging experience to shape the narrative and history of the video game based on their own decisions, almost at will, in a dynamic, personalized, natural and film.

Quantic Dream, a pioneer in the creation of these experiences study or Telltale Games with good repertoire of adventures, are the best example of this style of play that is slowly making it a niche in the market, because there is a part of the public who knows to appreciate it. No regular players and players with callus. The first enjoy an interactive movie where you can bask claiming they are the ones who write history in a game that often seems almost real, and seconds are in such proposals an alternative to general catalog and a moment of respite in More complex mechanical game through an elaborate and deep history, pressing buttons at the right time and when I ordered. If you’ve played Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls or The Walking Dead you’re probably thinking that Until Dawn of Supermassive Games may be more of the same. You’re right, it is, but it is also true that it has elements that seek to differentiate, providing more than just pressing buttons ultimately show their own character. Continue reading Analysis The Game: Until Dawn

As video games affect our lives

Video games have always been frowned upon by many parents and experts as a means that wastes time and negatively affects the brain. To this is added the handicap of the media, which offer a negative image of establishing that racial or violent behavior in young people are related to this subject games sector.

Luckily over the years this has been changing gradually, and there are now many who see it favorably. Even neuroscientists have concluded that video games improve the skills of the player himself. Continue reading As video games affect our lives

Video games without campaign fun half

This generation seems that little by little has been getting interesting, and near future catalog offers attractive game titles like a game of Star Wars and a new release of veteran tactical simulator Rainbow Six.

Few sensations can be compared to the excitement experienced by a lover of Star Wars, and video games in general, when it announces a new title set in the popular space epic operetta. So when Star Wars: Battlefront promised to usher in the most important battles of the original films, with DICE developer, experts in recreating with great success the essence and atmosphere of the battlefields, quickly we started to shine our storm trooper armor and dream of thrilling dogfights at the height of the unforgettable SW: Rogue Squadron. Continue reading Video games without campaign fun half

NFS free upgrade arrives with new customization items and nostalgic soundtrack

Firm following in their promise of bringing free extra content for Need For Speed, the EA today released a new set of very varied innovations ranging from the gameplay to the aesthetics and the soundtrack of the game. The update is called “Legends” and, in addition to news, it also brings some changes and repairs some characteristics criticized by fans.

The main one and distinguished by their own EA is the frequency with which the player receives calls for new events in the game. The producer says that “we made several improvements on the game call system” and, more importantly, it was added a new option to “mute” on the phone. Continue reading NFS free upgrade arrives with new customization items and nostalgic soundtrack

New trailer shows the initial 16 characters from Street Fighter V

The Capcom released a trailer showing the 16 characters that will be available at the launch of “Street Fighter V”. From the first day of the game, players can fight with the veterans Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, beginners as Laura, Fang and Necalli and also Dhalsim, Vega, Nash, M. Bison, Rashid, Zangief, Birdie, Cammy and Karin. More characters will be released for download, including Urien, Alex, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Guile. Continue reading New trailer shows the initial 16 characters from Street Fighter V

WiLD: A Wild, Natural and Promising Adventure for PS4

The new work of Michael Ancel, celebrated creator of Rayman, is an adventure for PS4 to bet on this occasion by an original proposal online and open world of nature, where the players will take the skin of humans and different types of creatures.  WiLD places men and nature in one game and balance. Continue reading WiLD: A Wild, Natural and Promising Adventure for PS4