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If you have young children at home and want to give them a console, make it a Wii U

It continues to amaze me how easily some parents give a PS4 or Xbox One to their young children. I speak of children between 5 and 10 years who end up having very powerful consoles but with a very limited catalog recommended age.

May Wii U is not the most popular machine among some players, but still a fantastic platform for kids of this age learn to appreciate the game while learning and having fun, so we have prepared a list of 7 reasons for choose Wii U this Christmas.

Games for all audiences

If anything characterizes Nintendo is for their pets, characters like Mario, Pokemon and Donkey Kong, who know most kids because their games are focused both large and small with titles that everyone at home can enjoy equally Regardless of their age.

Games like ‘Super Mario 3D World’, ‘Splatoon’ or ‘Captain Toad’ will delight the little ones and, far from titles with the kids in mind, they are also games the success of public and critical left in diapers To many of the super productions for adults that we can find in the rest of machines. Continue reading If you have young children at home and want to give them a console, make it a Wii U

GameSir G3s Enhanced Edition

Since the smartphones are capable of generating a wide range of current and classic video games players who use these platforms to play have demanded a gamepad that allows them to fully enjoy their favorite titles, which makes sense, because a touch system you cannot exceed the capabilities of a good traditional command.

Those looking to enjoy with more complex game experience will certainly find attractive GameSir G3s Enhanced Edition, the top model featuring a controller version with some interesting features. Made of high quality plastic, nice touch and equipped with a comfortable ergonomic modeling sufficiently close to the gamepad of PS4, while reflecting some winks to the controller of the Xbox, as revealed by the design and color of its four main buttons to the right. Its black with red accents under their joysticks analog create a nice contrast to the player’s eyes. Continue reading GameSir G3s Enhanced Edition

The worst-generation consoles in history

The title of this article could have lengthened over the account, so we must add that besides being the most impersonal and unexciting of all who have lived generation also have to say that was the shortest of all. But the attributes, more negative than positive course, not only are there.

The feeling we have left many after the announcement of the new more powerful versions of PS4 and Xbox One is that this generation has been a complete scam. Constants remakes, remasters, the downgrade graphic, peeled content titles pending completion to blow portfolio and few exclusive games that have barely managed to leave a lasting impression. That is the legacy of a generation that began in 2013 and concluded in 2016-17, how much they want to sell the cheap excuse that the new consoles will be fully compatible with previous platforms. Its launch is just around the corner. Continue reading The worst-generation consoles in history

Making ends Xbox 360

Provided the cessation of manufacturing console nostalgia makes an appearance is announced. It is an inevitable feeling at the same time reminds you already live in another generation and you need a place in the section retro your closet or living room.

Recently, Microsoft announced through an official statement to the production of its flagship console, Xbox 360. It seems like yesterday when it came it was launched in December 2005 and for a little over a decade have enjoyed a console an enviable career and a catalog that has provided jewelry like Halo and Gears of War, exclusive sagas that almost automatically come to mind when one thinks of the machine Microsoft. Continue reading Making ends Xbox 360

Sony may be preparing a “PlayStation 4.5′ with support for 4K games

A few days ago, its struggled on rumors that a new philosophy hardware upgrade of the Xbox, and now get similar comments about their competitor, which we could also see a new surprise version in the coming months.

According to Kotaku Sony engineers may be preparing the launch of a kind of ‘PlayStation 4.5’, an improved version of the current console that would include more powerful graphics hardware that would support 4K games possible. Continue reading Sony may be preparing a “PlayStation 4.5′ with support for 4K games

Remember The Mega Drive

The ultimate computer game console…

There is nothing like returning to unpack a classic console. Out of the closet again, connect your old cables and remember that first meeting, that first game, once again become familiar with its design and peculiar form of its command. I always find it exciting revive this process, a ritual with which it is impossible that you cannot escape a smile remembering all the good times you spent with that console, it is clear thanks to its games. The catalog of a console is the most important of this but also the peculiarities of some of these machines make some titles are especially memorable, to take advantage of certain unique technical possibilities of the platform. Continue reading Remember The Mega Drive