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10 amazing games for VR BOX

This last time we have seen the appearance in the market of a lot of virtual reality lenses, also called VR glasses, at a real economic price, which will make it possible for anyone to have  an accessory that can be used with the cell phone to play or use virtual reality apps in a  simple way and without having to spend a fortune for it. We share some games for VR BOX. Continue reading 10 amazing games for VR BOX

The 5 best robot games for Android of 2019

In this new top, we bring you the 5 best robot games for your mobile with Android. We are many lovers of these machines that wipe out everything in its path. That is why we have given ourselves the task of bringing you what we have found the 5 best robot games. Continue reading The 5 best robot games for Android of 2019

The best sports games for Android in 2019

Sports games are one of the most popular genres for Android today. Just go through the Play Store to see that there is a huge selection available. In addition, there are games of all kinds of sports, such as water sports or winter sports, among many others. So it is easy for users to find some sports games for android of this type that will be of interest to them.

But there are always some names that stand out above the rest. Sports games that are better or that have managed to win many users on Android. We talk about these games below. Since we bring a selection of the best sports games today.

The best sports games for Android

PES 2019best sports games for Android

We start with one of the heavyweights in this field. PES 2019 is one of the best-known names in this field. It has been available for Android for a few months now. For many users, it is the best football game available for smartphones. It has many advantages. From some great graphics, great gameplay that adapts very well to the screen of a phone, to a huge selection of teams and players. We can create our perfect team and compete well for the best prices. In addition, we can create tournaments in which to compete with our friends. So it is very entertaining at all times.

Downloading this game for Android is free. Although inside it we find purchases and advertisements. They are not compulsory purchases, so you can play without paying money.

NBA Live Mobilebest sports games for Android

The best basketball league in the world also has several games. Possibly this is the most outstanding of them all. In this case, we will choose the team we want and our task is simple, we have to defeat other teams. There are a series of events in it, which allow us to obtain a series of rewards, with which we can advance at a greater pace in it. In addition, the game allows us to add current players at any time. So it stays very updated at all times.

Downloading this game on Android is free. Inside, we find purchases and advertisements. But we can play without paying money for nothing.

Golf Starbest sports games for Android

Golf is not as popular a sport as the previous ones, even many doubt that it is a sport. In the Play Store, we find a series of golf games available. Although possibly the most complete of them all is this title. It is a game that has been inspired by tournaments and real fields. This is something that is seen in the graphics, very careful, that help gets into the games at all times. In addition, a difficulty is variable. Since they have introduced a total of 70 factors that influence the items, such as wind, humidity or temperature. An interesting game for golf lovers.

Downloading this game for Android is free. As in the previous cases, there are purchases and announcements inside. But you can play without having to pay money for something. They are optional purchases.

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Snowboard Party: World Tourbest sports games for Android

In the middle of winter could not miss a game on one of the most popular snow sports. Snowboarding is very popular, especially among a younger audience. There are some games about this sport in the Play Store. But the most complete in this sense is this game we are talking about now. We have several game modes and compete in it. Our goal is to win each of the rounds. For this, we have to take out our best tricks, there are a total of 50 unique tricks. With them, get some of the 150 achievements in it.

Downloading this game for Android is free. Again, we find purchases and advertisements inside it. But you do not have to pay anything since they are optional.

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The best scary and horror games of 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

We review the best scary and horror games that are scheduled to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2019. Surely you’re already thinking about Resident Evil 2 Remake, but it’s not the only one: The Sinking City, Man of Medan, Layers of Fear 2 and many others are going to make us spend a year of death. Continue reading The best scary and horror games of 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

The best mobile solitaire app

The popularity of mobile solitaire games has grown a lot lately, from adults to the youngest. Surely you wonder what makes this app so attractive and interesting. In this article, we will show you the benefits of this entertaining card game, and one of the best solitaire app we find in the market today. Continue reading The best mobile solitaire app

The best PS4 exclusive games of 2018

The year 2018 is being a great year in terms of titles for the Sony console (and what is left), so much that it could even surpass the fantastic year that we had in 2017. Sony is one of the companies that have best planned its launches to offer players a lot of adventures throughout the year. Therefore, we have prepared a report with the best exclusive games for PS4 of 2018 Continue reading The best PS4 exclusive games of 2018

The Assassin’s Creed Series Ordered From Worst To Best

With the arrival of ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’, and taking advantage of the change that the launch of ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ supposed for the franchise, it was time to revise our standards with the famous saga of assassins. To order our ideas and that you can do the same in the comments, we wanted to look back to remember what we liked most of the main games of one of the great ideas of Ubisoft. Continue reading The Assassin’s Creed Series Ordered From Worst To Best

The 11 single-player games that I liked the most in 2017

One of the topics that has given more to talk about this week is the closure of Visceral Games by Electronic Arts. This situation has caused a stir because it affected the Star Wars game that was developing the study and that it was intended to be a linear adventure for a single player, but now it will take a new course after passing into the hands of EA Vancouver.

This has led us to ask ourselves, are single-player adventures no longer worth it? Do you seriously have no place today in the world of video games? Absolutely and of course it would be a mistake to think something like this after what we have seen in this 2017 for the authentic masterpieces that we have had the opportunity to enjoy and that are geared to be an experience for a single player. Continue reading The 11 single-player games that I liked the most in 2017