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Assassin’s Creed III: Now You Can Download For Free For PC

This year there have been an awful lot of anniversaries, but nobody has feted as Ubisoft. After six months of gifts and promotions, the French company puts the finishing touch to the commemoration of his three decades in the gaming industry giving away the third installment of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ to all PC users. Continue reading Assassin’s Creed III: Now You Can Download For Free For PC

Paladins open beta of a free-to-play begins with a sense of déjà vu

After a well – grounded experience with multiplayer and the system of free-to-play, the Hi-Rez study concludes the phase of closed testing and has recently begun open beta of ‘Paladins: Champions of the Kingdom’, the new FPS the creators of ‘SMITE’.

‘Paladins’ offers the possibility to control in first person a series of Heroes in team battles. The peculiarity in this case is two particularly interesting features: on the one hand, some personalization systems based on letters; on the other hand, its philosophy of monetization betting on the model of free-to-play on PC and consoles. Continue reading Paladins open beta of a free-to-play begins with a sense of déjà vu

Flip Diving

Poki and Country of the Games we invite you to try a new and original sports game, Flip Diving, a title that challenges us to make spectacular dives in the water while allowing us to execute extreme movements in the air.

In the shoes of a vaulter, Diver, a regular guy with no formal training, the game allows us to create spins forward, backward turns and other tricks as we fall into the water. To do this we have to jump from a rock or other elements into the sea, he catching imposed from that point. Continue reading Flip Diving

Anime Battle 2.0

It was time to Poki and Country of the Games will raise us discuss a fighting game. Anime Battle 2.0introduces us to a championship martial arts where you can compete with some of the most famous figures in the world of anime and video games.

Since starting the game the Japanese essence is pervasive, its catchy tune reminds us of some of the melodies that you could hear in the great Soul Calibur and design of the words “VS” or “KO” that appear before and at the end of each fight, are clearly inspired by design using the latest Street fighter. Continue reading Anime Battle 2.0

The Tomorrow Children will be free-to-play but you can start playing in September paying

Comrade, you have no excuse for joining the cause. Through the official PlayStation blog, it has confirmed that ‘The Tomorrow Children’ take the free-to – play model, but obviously it will offer advantages to those players who are willing to invest their capital.

Developed by Q-Games exclusively for PS4, the title puts us ahead a complex survival adventure, strategy and social game in which a series of failed experiments in the USSR of the 60s have diverted the future of humanity, condemning it to live under constant threat. Continue reading The Tomorrow Children will be free-to-play but you can start playing in September paying

Heads Arena: Euro Soccer

The Euro 2016 has already begun and Country Games offers us for this occasion Heads Arena: Euro Soccer, a football game where we play matches and tournaments 1 VS 1 and 2 against 2. At your disposal you will find a dozen European teams where you can compete against football champions conceited. Party Mode lets players join with a friend or play against him. Continue reading Heads Arena: Euro Soccer


Country of the Games back to bring us another of its fun and entertaining betting, a new multiplayer action title where we enforce in a frenetic geometric war.

In the player is introduced into a basic blue tank and quickly target is very clear: destroy the different geometric shapes to start rating, level up and access to health improvements, ammunition and weapons. But beware, remember you are not alone on the battlefield and often on there is a greater than you and better armed tank. Continue reading DIEP.IO

Tried 0 AD, the Age of Empires II Free and open-source

One discovers that becomes greater when you start to forget things. Months ago, a user thanked me naked ‘0 AD’, a game clearly inspired by ‘Age of Empires II’ to part with the advantage of being free and open-source. What is not remembered is that he had already talked about here in the distant May 2011! when it was still in its alpha 5.

For you yourselves to the idea, currently in its alpha 19 and its development team, Wildfire Games, still has a long way to go. But this is already taking shape and what needs can take hours and hours in their skirmishes recalling an era of glory in the RTS.

Should be noted, in turn, that ‘0 AD’ left in its infancy in the early twenty-first century as a mod of the ‘Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings’, although its creators took the wise decision by their own, much more creative freedom. One thing is certain: anyone on a pedestal the series of Ensemble Studios will feel at home in ‘0 AD’.

Its alpha 19, on the other hand, takes exactly two months available from their official website, version implemented, among other enhancements and bug fixes, a way of “ceasefire” so that there is a pact of non-aggression for a while default at the start of the games, or to perform a coordinated attack (either with a human or AI), to name a few. Continue reading Tried 0 AD, the Age of Empires II Free and open-source