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The best farming games – Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator

We review the best farming games and agriculture. Titles that allow us to embrace life in the countryside and become real farmers like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Farming Simulator, Farmville.

One of the main features of video games is that they allow us to become impossible characters: demon hunters, policemen in full zombie apocalypse, legendary soldiers, heroes armed with magic swords, pocket creature trainers … And, usually, All these “virtual trades” involve action in any of its aspects.

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The best total war game for Android

War games are games that have always been very successful and popular, so demand is quite large. That’s why, so you don’t waste your time, we recommend the best total war game for Android.

War games have been on our computers and consoles for many, many years. With Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, the bases of the shooter were laid, a genre to which war games usually belong (although not all), and it was already popular to shoot your enemies in the trenches. Although it was done much earlier.

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10 Best Puzzle Games for ANDROID

Puzzles or puzzle games there are all forms and tastes in the Google Play Store. Games that allow us to make points, tapes, venture into magical worlds so that we can build all kinds of objects and save our game. The in-play store there are many games but today we share the best Puzzle games for Android devices.

So as not to get lost in a large number of Android games, I will publish the best Puzzle games for Android devices so you can download them for free to your mobile or Tablet.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

It is a game that combines the Puzzle Bubble and Candy Crush style but with birds.

Your goal is to touch the largest number of objects of the same color. Sometimes bubbles are eggs again.

The idea is that you can combine Chucks to create powerful enhancers.

The pillar

Enjoy each level to the fullest, the maze around you changes as you open each door that leads to another room, another flow puzzle, another mystery, and challenge. It is one of the best Puzzle games for Android.

Each level brings new challenges and your only hope is to find the way from the everchanging maze of puzzles and mysteries. Can you escape the cage you are in?

Roll the Ball: slide puzzle

Here you will find puzzles of sliding, escaping, finding hidden objects, based on physics, grouping 3 elements, turning, retro and some that will test your ingenuity. To solve these puzzles you can use the undo, restart and help options, you can also save your progress in Google play games and receive gifts according to the levels exceeded.


Reduce the size of the board, making horizontal and vertical cuts at the same time, but prevent the ball from touching the cut lines. In the game, you can win diamonds and fight to lead the leaderboard.


Identify the best sequence to add the parts of the different puzzles, which tell the story of Eon.

Cut the rope

Beat 17 environments with 425 levels based on physics, where you have to get candy, gold and discover hidden prizes.


Connect lines of different shapes to form a single path.

CELL 13 – Platform Portal Puzzle

Escape of 13 cells, which have 65 puzzles, where you must combine elements such as turntables, boxes with color combinations, polyethylene balls, elevators, laser bridges and portals to overcome obstacles in each level. It is one of the best Puzzle games for Android.

Monument Valley

Manipulate geometric buildings to shape the world, so that the princess manages to reach the end of each level avoiding raven men.

The room

Walkthrough a mysterious 3D scene and discover the secrets it hides.

Tic Tac Toe Classic

Overcome the 3 difficulty levels offered by this game based on the classic «triqui».

Skillz – a logic game

Determine: which lines have the greatest length, the wheel that spins faster; Find the same cards, organize a list of descending numbers. Once you have finished the games you will have exercised the memory, the sense of reflection and improved your mental speed. It is one of the best Puzzle games for Android.

The 10 best virtual reality games for Android devices

There are currently many virtual reality games support devices, many of which can be used with smartphones, something much more accessible to most people. In addition to very interesting applications, these devices also have optimal mobile games that can be used much more immersively.

Of course, with so many titles available for that technology, it is difficult to know what is worth experiencing. So we have separated no less than 10 great virtual reality games for Android devices. Let’s go to the mess!

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The best adventure games for Android

You know that here, in Android Help we really like videogame compilations, and now we go with one of the most popular genres,  adventure games. Historically it has been one of the genres that have triumphed the most in modern cinema, so video games did not take long to adapt it. These are the best adventure games for Android.

There are many adventure games and in a thousand different ways. Here we will have the most varied games, these are our recommendations.


adventure games for Android

Yes, first of all, is Minecraft. A game that surely you know everything, but we think it was mandatory to have it on our list. Minecraft, with ten years behind it, is already one of the most played games in the world. It is one of the best adventure games for Android.

If you don’t want to play Minecraft as such (because you’ve already played it because it costs too much money for you, or for whatever.

Portal Knights

adventure games for Android

Now we go to a very different side. Portal Knights is an adventure game with touches of RPG

Explore all the dungeons that the incredible world of Portal Knights offers you, it is best to explore it for yourself.


adventure games for Android

Machinarium is a puzzle game, but you will have to live an entertaining adventure by solving the puzzles and trying to play and take advantage of what you have in your environment.

The graphics are the most curious and the truth is that the technical section will delight many players.

Rayman Adventures

adventure games for Android

This is one of those sagas enshrined in consoles or other platforms that have ended up having their own game on mobile devices. Rayman Adventures follows the same dynamics that followed other modern games of the saga like Rayman Legends or Rayman Origins for consoles and PC.  It is one of the best adventure games for Android.

A very interesting game with a touch of platforms that surely if you liked the other Rayman, you will like this. And if you have not played the saga, perhaps it is the way to enter it.


Mini DayZ

adventure games for Android

It is possible that many PC players have heard or played DayZ, a zombie survival game released in 2013 and that was quite popular in its day. Now Bohemia Interactive, the same company of the original DayZ brings for Mini DayZ mobile phones.

Mini DayZ brings us the experience of surviving the zombies but with some retro graphics that will have us entertaining hours. Free and without in-app purchases, it seems like a utopia, but it is so.


adventure games for Android

If you are one of those who have played, I don’t know how many hours to Hollow Knight on your PC, or similar games.

The concept is similar, you will go through the dungeons in a linear way and you will have to level up and improve your weapons and skills to overcome all the dungeons.

Dead trigger 2

adventure games for Android

If you have been playing with your mobile phone for a long time, you may have played or heard about  Dead Trigger 2.

We have already talked about zombies today with Mini DayZ, but Dead Trigger 2 has a different mechanics. It works similar to the zombies of Call of Duty, the famous war videogame saga. You are on a small map and you will have to shoot all possible zombies and prevent them from passing through to survive. It is one of the best adventure games for Android.

Life is strange

adventure games for Android

A saga of graphic adventures that became very popular a few years ago. Due to its popularity and simplicity of playability, it has been allowed to go out for mobile devices, and therefore, we can play it on our Android phone.

This game liked it so much because of its interesting history, that we recommend you discover it for yourself.


We have already talked about Terraria, but we believe it is mandatory to have it on our list.

If you do not know Terraria is a game in which to defeat the monsters that are in the world, building and exploring their main elements. Surely you are interested if you have played games like Minecraft.


And again, another console game that was passed to Android. Bully is a game developed by Rockstar and released in 2006 in which you put yourself in the shoes of a bully, that is, of a school stalker. It is one of the best adventure games for Android.

If you put yourself in the shoes of a stalker it seems somewhat unpleasant, it may not be your game, but if you want to take a look at the history offered by the game, we are sure you will like it.

10 important FIFA 19 tips to win matches

FIFA 19 included a number of novel features compared to the previous version. Several changes were made in both the defensive and offensive system, so it is necessary to relearn. In other words, even the most professional need advice to win again on the virtual lawn. We share some important FIFA 19 tips to win matches.

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5 games to play with friends even if you don’t like consoles

You still feel that putting yourself at the controls of any video game is really complicated since you have no experience. You confuse the buttons, you make a mess with the camera and you don’t know how to locate your character well on the screen. It is normal that in those cases you wonder if this video game is for you.

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Five League of Legends TIPS TO START PLAYING

League of Legends is the most played video game in the world. Developed by Riot Games, with more than 12 million active daily players is probably one of the most important phenomena of the last decade in the video game industry. We share the best League of Legends tips.

If you are already a regular reader of Ecetia there is probably little that I can explain about him, but if you have not played it yet, you are curious and want to start here you have five tips that helped me a lot at the time:

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