Best Classic Games

The Best Classic Games Now on Your Mobile

While it is true that the years have allowed us to have games on our mobile with impressive quality, we can never forget the best classic games of our childhood. Well, now we can have the best of two worlds. I have several of these old games on my phone and it is true that some have been adapted and improved to be available in the App Store, but still have the same story and purpose. Here is a list of favorite games.

Best Classic Games Now on Your Mobile

PACMANBest Classic Games

How to forget the popular game created in 1980 by Toru Iwatani, now has a new version available in App store and Android. I have not found a big difference with the original game (apart from that it has been adapted to work on our mobile) and even has its online version in Google.


This game is one of the first that came out on the PC, a PC that occupied a whole table and had basic programs. This game came out in 1989. Neither does it have significant changes with the original and the objective remains the same, that is to say, to clear a minefield without detonating any.

LEMMINGSBest Classic Games

This game came out in 1991, had several versions for consoles and computers, and now we can download it on the phone. The objective of the game is to save the maximum number of lemmings you can, for that, you have 8 skills to do it. It is a strategy game that you can not miss. It is one of the best classic games.

SNOW BROSBest Classic Games

Toaplan arcade game released in 1990, in this you have to eliminate all your enemies by throwing snow (hence the name). After defeating your enemies the snow brothers (Nick and Tom) and the princesses come back together and kiss.

GALAGABest Classic Games

The popular game of the 80s of the NAMCO company where we could control a spaceship. And face aliens that looked more like insects and attacked us. The graphics now have better quality but have tried to give it that old look and quite similar to the original. I recommend it.

MORTAL KOMBATBest Classic Games

The popular game of the 90s where we had to save the world from the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung. Mortal Kombat was one of the first fighting games and is still very popular today. Find it in the App Store.

BATTLE CITYBest Classic Games

Another NAMCO videogame where you can control a tank to prevent them from destroying the military base. You overcome the level when you finish destroying the enemy tanks. You lose if you spend your life or if the enemy destroys the military base.

FROGGER 1981Best Classic Games

Videogame developed by Konami where you have to guide a frog to your home avoiding cars on a congested road and then cross a river with many threats. With a maximum of two players and several sequels, this game is a classic of the 80 ‘. The version that we found in the App Store is different from the original but has the same purpose.

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