best endless runner games android

The runners are very popular on Android and iOS because of their fun side, and perfectly suited to very short sessions. If you like to run to infinity to try to beat your high score, here is our selection of best endless runner games android those you should not miss.

The runner is perhaps the kind of game that lends itself most to the constraints of mobile. These games in which the hero automatically advances do indeed require the player to tap the screen of his phone to make him avoid the many obstacles that stand in his way. For this selection, we decided to put aside the best-known titles of the genre (Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers), games that are considered sufficiently known to a very large audience. We have rather tried to find more recent runners, sometimes more original or classics are too little known.

The best endless runner games android

Super Mario Run

best endless runner games android

First arrived on iOS at the end of 2016, Super Mario Run is finally available on the Play Store. This is a platform- runner game in which Nintendo’s mustache icon is dragged into a mad race to save (still) the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach. Mario never stops running and avoids small obstacles and enemies. The title, however, offers deep gameplay, complex with rather a neat level design. The game also finds its interest with the different daily challenges and the city-builder part. In addition, the arrival on Android brings some novelties such as the arrival of Yoshi colors and the readjustment of challenge tickets. It is one of the best endless runner games android.

Alto’s Adventure

best endless runner games android

Alto’s Adventure does not reinvent the runner genre, but it applies to the letter all that makes the success of the genre. Like Ski Safari – to whom he takes many things – the goal here is to go down a snowboard trail as far as possible. Of course, it is necessary to pick up llamas in passing, to avoid obstacles or “elders”, enemies who pursue you. It’s efficient, particularly successful graphically and  Alto’s Adventure has a very balanced free-to-play business model: there’s only one in-app purchase that essentially supports developers. A suite was recently announced, named after Alto’s Odyssey. 


best endless runner games android

We start with this selection with the game that invented, or at least democratized the genre: Canabalt. The strength of this game is its great simplicity. A man in a tie jumps from building to building and roof to roof to escape an apocalypse came from who knows where. Canabalt is incredibly smooth, relatively fast and has a great soundtrack composed by Danny Baranowsky. A classic among the classics, less known than more mainstream titles because of its relatively high price despite its three years of existence.

Ski Safari 2

best endless runner games android

Running is good, but drag is better. And it is from this observation that we can only advise you to take a look at Ski Safari 2. It is about escaping the inexorable advance of a natural disaster but on skis or surfing. Which means that the game is fast (and therefore quite demanding), but also a little more fun than the other runners presented here thanks to the many figures that you can perform during the jumps. The game is paying (less than one euro), but it is a guarantee of quality and especially of lack of publicity. A moment-classic, as we say in the video game world. It is one of the best endless runner games android

Glitch Dash

best endless runner games android

Are you tired of runners in 2D or 3D in view of TPS? Glitch Dash tries to revolutionize this by proposing an infinite racing game in first person view. Rather than moving a cartoon character into a whimsical universe, here you must avoid obstacles yourself. What to feel a little more involved in the universe and in the stake of this frenzied rush. Everything is punctuated by electro music that will accompany the beats of your heart. Oh, I was going to forget: if you come across a glitch … Maybe it’s normal.

Rayman Adventures

best endless runner games android

And three, for the Rayman series on the smartphone. This third installment once again takes the foundations of the first runners released a few years ago, but adds some novelties here and there, such as the possibility of changing direction to explore the levels or to take control of Barbara, a new heroine who accompanies Rayman. Note that  Rayman Adventures is free to download, but includes a lot of in-app purchases and mechanisms of frustration sometimes very aggressive. It is one of the best endless runner games android.

Lost in Harmony

best endless runner games android

Released in early 2016, the title is a runner for the least original since it mixes obstacle course and rhythm game and addresses the tough theme of cancer. Lost in Harmony is developed by Digixart Entertainment and offers a musical runner with a camera in front of skateboard characters, Kaito and Aya. Epic and moving.

Vector 2

best endless runner games android

Vector 2 is the direct sequel to the first one released three years ago, and just like the latter, it is one of the most beautiful runners of this year. We embody a young man who seems to have undergone genetic modifications, and whose first levels consist of physical tests. Levels are made by dragging on the screen to jump, slide or avoid obstacles in its path. It is relatively easy to take in hand, but some obstacles require a little anticipation to be avoided.

Road to be a King

best endless runner games android

After Punch Quest and Alto’s Adventure, the Noodlecake mobile game publisher has delivered a brand new title: Road to be a King. The latter brilliantly combines the runner, the adventure game and the shoot’em up. In this magical universe of shimmering colors, you control a funny little blue character in top view in an infinite circuit where you have to collect gems to improve its objects and descend the weakest enemies to score a maximum of points. Who said that all runners looked alike?

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