For Honor

For Honor shows us the excitement that is lived on the battlefield in a 360º video

‘For Honor’ it has been one of the games that has promoted Ubisoft based videos and taking advantage of its release is practically around the corner, has left us with a new one, but this time is different from any that you have seen before, since it is a cinematic recorded with motion capture 360.

For Honor
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The three factions, the Knights, Samurai and Vikings, appear to be fighting their armies to prove which is the most powerful faction of all. So the video will allow you to rotate the image everything you see on the screen to enjoy the experience as more you like it.

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Ubisoft has taken to remember that from February 9 will begin the open beta of ‘For Honor’, whose duration will last until February 12. During those days players will be able to try Elimination, Domination, Fight and Duel modes and select a total of nine different heroes.

In the final version of this action title will be available a dozen characters, four per faction, which will join the five multiplayer modes and another mode dedicated to the campaign story mode. For all this we have to wait just one more week, as ‘For Honor’ will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next February 14.

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