VR Serious Sam: The Last Hope is now available through Steam Early Access

Croteam and Digital Return us a couple of weeks ago with the development of a new ‘Serious Sam’ designed to play with virtual reality. This ‘Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope’ was expected to arrived this month and its creators have announced that is now available through Steam Early Access.

vr-serious-sam-the-last-hope-is-now-available-through-steam-early-accessTo use it you must have a device HTC Vive, although in the future it is planned to be also compatible with Oculus Rift and drivers Oculus Touch.What is unknown is whether some day end up going on sale also for PlayStation VR.

In the new trailer that have been published you can see the number of weapons that may be used and the so crazy action, and yet so characteristic of the saga, which will play. There will also be some classic enemies, new and new mechanical difficulty modes and a skill tree that each player can use them the way you see fit.

The intention is that Croteam ‘Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope’ remains in Early Access for about six months , approximately, before being officially published. Visit¬†http://wolff-tech.com/¬†for more reviews.

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