Pure fan service: The next commentator StarCraft II will D.Va of Overwatch

The characters in ‘Overwatch’ have penetrated greatly in popular culture is something that catches us new. The shooter Blizzard has managed colorful characters offer something for everyone, capable of radiating character and spark the imagination of their fans. However , and with permission of D.Va Tracer- it is something exceptional.

If after the release of the game Blizzard made the small Korean official was a complete geek video games , with their clichés of Doritos and Mountain Dew , definitely the next appearance of this young pilot is pure fan service meccas: D.Va will make commentator in ‘StarCraft II’ from its next update.

pure-fan-service-the-next-commentator-starcraft-ii-will-d-va-of-overwatchThrough the official blog of space strategy game Blizzard has announced that the daring heroine of the future and celebrity full – time universe ‘Overwatch’ will join six other voices of commentators in-game from patch 3.7 ‘StarCraft II ‘. In fact, it D.Va be the first voice of the game that is not from the universe ‘StarCraft’.

The most curious thing is not the crossover between licenses but the context of the character himself . According to the canon storyline of ‘Overwatch’ Hana ‘D.Va’ Song is a professional player ‘Starcraft’ from South Korea and real profile battle.net. Do not forget that today competitions ‘Starcraft’ in this country are issued and followed with equal or greater intensity than other sports.

 Although lately it has become famous for its activities in the Overwatch organization, his journey began in StarCraft eSports circuit, where he became the first player in the world at 16 years. It Because of their experience in StarCraft, he is more than qualified to support you in the game!

In addition, D.Va not only lend his voice to the items futuristic strategy game from Blizzard, but also offer their image , and the patch 3.7 will offer the ability to display portraits rather than clan logos in municipalities, including young player eSports.

D.Va’s voice will be available in the future and will be fully localized to Castilian . In addition, Both comments and the portrait of this will be included in the goody bagthat will receive the BlizzCon 2016 attendees and those who purchase a Virtual Ticket to it.

Gradually the characters ‘Overwatch’ will apriciendo in other games of the house:Tracer and Zarya are part of ‘Heroes of the Storm’ and can not deny that the idea of turning a commentator D.Va Games of ‘StarCraft’ is a genius all that especially in the Asian country will sink. Will we see over time Torbjorn in any installment of ‘Warcraft’? For more visit http://www.informative-works.info/

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