Blizzard celebrates the new mode of Heroes of the Storm with a short madcap real image

On the eve of the BlizzCon and the string of rumors that tend to generate around the same -from characters ‘Overwatch’ until the fourth installment of ‘Devil’ – the California company continues to update its catalog of playable proposals and in this case it is the turn to ‘Heroes of the Storm’, which brings together several of the stars of the house in isometric combat.

blizzard-celebrates-the-new-mode-of-heroes-of-the-storm-with-a-short-madcap-real-image‘Heroes of the Storm’ receive mode Heroes Brawl , or what is the same a new and crazy way in which test the skills of the heroes of Blizzard on three new maps, yes, deploying attributes and random skills . And to promote it nothing better than a short film developed by the team RocketJump.

In short we see as a fan of ‘Heroes of the Storm’ is involved in half of the game, having to fend off the attack Xul, Kharazim, Sylvanas and Tracer by an unfortunate coincidence.

The heroes and villains of the universe of ‘Warcraft’, ‘Starcraft’, ‘Devil’, ‘Overwatch’ and even ‘The Lost Vikings’ meet in’ Heroes of the Storm “, a free-to-play competition in which reflexes, strategy and skill with each character will be the key to victory, though curiously the same concepts will be restated for the new mode.

The Heroes Brawl mode will be available from October 18 and will offer its own rules and unique rewards for all fans of the game. Curiously, Blizzard not only promoted the development of production but added the protagonist of the short to own game as an Easter Egg. Blizzard still do not save on details. For more visit

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