EA Sports adjusts the player stats in FIFA

Let’s talk about figures: ‘FIFA 17’ comes from the hand of over 700 licensed clubs and more than 18,000 players. If we consider the individual parameters of each player and coaches and all values are updated periodically, we conclude that EA has to reshuffle and catalog 5.4 million qualifications and data. Little joke!

Very soon, they meet the 25 years of the EA Sports soccer license, and can say that with a delivery by year – and some spin-offs and commemorative editions. – Have had time to develop a system capable of comparing such data Version short is that it is ojímetro, but complete is much more interesting.

Responsible for the quality score of each player is none other than Michael Mueller-Moehring, but by logic alone does not collect the millions of data from each of the players and rate them according to the mood will come. It has a team of 9,000 scouts scattered throughout the world and through an interview for ESPN tells how the process works. Continue reading EA Sports adjusts the player stats in FIFA

Titanfall 2 shows its pilots in action on a gameplay and confirms their PC requirements

‘Titanfall 2’ is one of the big bets, along with ‘Battlefield 1’ by Electronic Arts for the remaining months of this year. In order to continue to show the qualities that make the game special has shown a new gameplay dedicated this time to the drivers.

No doubt the Titans is the great element are action – packed battles, but their pilots shown in this video that are able to do everything. Thanks to their different abilities or fast speed will have numerous ways to get out alive from any situation and be passing a few enemies along the way. Continue reading Titanfall 2 shows its pilots in action on a gameplay and confirms their PC requirements

Killer Instinct is updated by adding your own story mode … and is very complete

With the arrival of the ‘Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition’ terminating the contents of the third season of ‘Killer Instinct’, and definitely is a real festival of characters. However, we had to wait until today for the Lords of Shadow mode is finally available, and the wait was worth it.

Lords of Shadow is offering the equivalent traditional modes story but with a somewhat complicated formula. The aim is to prevent Gargos dominate the Earth, and for that we get bogged down in countless battles, until there is nothing new. But beyond giving a simple plot twist adds certain elements … Roguelike? Continue reading Killer Instinct is updated by adding your own story mode … and is very complete

Paladins open beta of a free-to-play begins with a sense of déjà vu

After a well – grounded experience with multiplayer and the system of free-to-play, the Hi-Rez study concludes the phase of closed testing and has recently begun open beta of ‘Paladins: Champions of the Kingdom’, the new FPS the creators of ‘SMITE’.

‘Paladins’ offers the possibility to control in first person a series of Heroes in team battles. The peculiarity in this case is two particularly interesting features: on the one hand, some personalization systems based on letters; on the other hand, its philosophy of monetization betting on the model of free-to-play on PC and consoles. Continue reading Paladins open beta of a free-to-play begins with a sense of déjà vu

In Depth: Doom

Mars, the big red demon, a sort of nemesis that ruthlessly crushes the man. Unexplored terrain, inhospitable desert and deadly, both in fiction and in reality achieve is a difficult challenge for humans. If one day we came to conquer, we will, we may find there the real hell, which since 1993 Doom has been commissioned to show.

Doom has never had a complex history, nor a charismatic protagonist and has not given cinematics to remember that serve as a prelude or excuse for the trail of death and caps that we stop our way. The truth is that it has never needed anything like that to dazzle our bellicose heart. Continue reading In Depth: Doom

Flip Diving

Poki and Country of the Games we invite you to try a new and original sports game, Flip Diving, a title that challenges us to make spectacular dives in the water while allowing us to execute extreme movements in the air.

In the shoes of a vaulter, Diver, a regular guy with no formal training, the game allows us to create spins forward, backward turns and other tricks as we fall into the water. To do this we have to jump from a rock or other elements into the sea, he catching imposed from that point. Continue reading Flip Diving

The mother of video games

Pioneer, creator of genres and a unique talent that has given us a few unforgettable game. Often the great legacy of Yu Suzuki unfairly is not remembered as it deserves when compared to other common figures from the land of the rising sun such as Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto.

The stirred and unstoppable mind of this creative has always shown great versatility through the catalog of works that make up his career; a set of titles that remind us carefully analyzed its value. These bets were revolutionary at the time and now get its own merits, stay in  the memory of many  treasuring its magic thanks to the unique style of its creator. Then we review the most notable of one of the most remarkable figures in the sector work. Continue reading The mother of video games

GameSir G3s Enhanced Edition

Since the smartphones are capable of generating a wide range of current and classic video games players who use these platforms to play have demanded a gamepad that allows them to fully enjoy their favorite titles, which makes sense, because a touch system you cannot exceed the capabilities of a good traditional command.

Those looking to enjoy with more complex game experience will certainly find attractive GameSir G3s Enhanced Edition, the top model featuring a controller version with some interesting features. Made of high quality plastic, nice touch and equipped with a comfortable ergonomic modeling sufficiently close to the gamepad of PS4, while reflecting some winks to the controller of the Xbox, as revealed by the design and color of its four main buttons to the right. Its black with red accents under their joysticks analog create a nice contrast to the player’s eyes. Continue reading GameSir G3s Enhanced Edition