Dead by Daylight

A killer nurse joins free to “Dead by Daylight” with the pack “The Last Breath”

‘Dead by Daylight’, multiplayer video game horror Behavior Interactive is causing great a rage in Steam, it has expanded its content for free with a few new features to mark the arrival of the pack ‘The Last Breath’.

In the trailer or the picture accompanying the news you can see one of its most important additions, such as Nurse a new killer and the first game. Equipped with a saw to cut bone, you have an ability to pass on walls and obstacles, which will make it a very dangerous opponent.

This DLC also includes Nea, a new Survivor. Unlike others, it will be faster and easier to hide from the murderers. Furthermore, it has also added a new map called Asylum, so if you are of those who play this title and you have a few things to try from today.

‘Dead by Daylight’ it is a game in which a murderer has to hunt down four survivors, whose mission is to turn generators that will allow them to escape from the room in which they are trapped. It is available through Steam since last June although it is appreciated that its DLC are free, at least for now.

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