The creator of The Binding of Isaac is preparing a new platform game and shooting

Edmund McMillen, the creator of ‘The Binding of Isaac’ is not to. While still working on the next expansion of its rogue like, he is also developing ‘The Legend of Bum-bo’ and has now announced another game more that is carrying out with Tyler Glaiel, the programmer ‘Closure’.

At the moment this title in question has no official name, but embody the character seems to be Little Steven. This little person is one of the objects of ‘The Binding of Isaac’, which also starred ‘Time Fcuk’, another project that made McMillen, although he has said that the game in question will have nothing to do with them. Continue reading The creator of The Binding of Isaac is preparing a new platform game and shooting

Telltale’s Batman will feature a multiplayer mode

The release of ‘Batman – The Telltale Series’ is almost around the corner and it seems that Telltale Games kept several surprises up his sleeve. The latest is that at Comic-Con in San Diego has announced that this new adventure Dark Knight include a multiplayer mode.

This measure supposed to be the first video game company to have this option called Crowd Play. Its operation will be that players can invite their friends to join the game and can vote for the decisions to be taken. Continue reading Telltale’s Batman will feature a multiplayer mode

Forza Horizon 3 wants to be the best racing title of the year and has reason to be

The leaks have it left very little room to Microsoft when offer surprises, and as we saw in Joystiq ‘Forza Horizon 3’ will be responsible for raising the bar for the genre of driving in the family of consoles Xbox and incidentally also will PCs thanks to the benefits of Windows 10. However, what has caught us a little off guard is what we’ve seen on screen.

‘Forza Horizon 3’ take the competition to Australia, a unique and full of possibilities environment to explore, with great roads to burn wheels in case we see not interested in making an alternative route through forest land, huge dunes or drawing a generous halo scraping puddles and waves the environment with our tires. Continue reading Forza Horizon 3 wants to be the best racing title of the year and has reason to be

LEGO Marvel Avengers analysis

Marvel heroes are back with the sequel to the great LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and we have you all in our analysis of LEGO Marvel Avengers, which reaches all next generation consoles and the last cycle machines and PC.

It is a tradition that TT Games and Warner Bros gifting us the fabulous players adventure set in a large number of successful characters and licenses, but always under the prism of LEGO particularly. A formula already known, however, not surprises us with new playable and unquestionable overall quality in each of their deliveries. Two years ago, we received the first title starring the legendary Marvel superheroes, a wonderful adventure action which delighted fans of both parts of the known toy building as the known franchise. A high quality proposal that also had all the good sense of humor that characterize all titles of this now classic video game franchise.

Like its predecessor, its continuation is be quite playable delight, pure also for lovers of proposals cooperatives will enjoy this adaptation to the world of LEGO of hilarious gold films Marvel The Avengers and The Age of Ultron, also some of the most incredible moments of cinematic Marvel universe through six of the films of Marvel Studios. Continue reading LEGO Marvel Avengers analysis

Did you want more serving of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Here you have another 30 minutes of gameplay

Each time you get a new video of ‘Deus Ex: Divided Mankind’ desire to fans of the series to seize this new installment grows a little more. In recent time, Square Enix surprised us with an amazing trailer starring real actors and more recently, we saw a gameplay of the first 20 minutes of the game. Continue reading Did you want more serving of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Here you have another 30 minutes of gameplay

Analysis Dangerous Golf

In this life, few things bust me more than wrong with a video game and that is exactly what has happened to me Dangerous Golf. What apparently seemed an unusual game of golf, funny and goofy, those that you download to enjoy during short periods has proven to be a complete disappointment in my “other games” for the summer?

Honestly, I do not like golf and serious titles based on the sport even less. However, if there is something I love in a game of truth is the possibility of destroying things in real time, altering a scenario by direct action of the player has always seemed to me one of the best and funniest advances that a video game can provide to user.

At first this title Three Fields Entertainment seemed interesting for two reasons: first because of the high destructive component showing detailed scenarios, and second; all that destruction was wrapped up by Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, former members of Criterion and my beloved creators of Burnout . Fun seemed guaranteed. Continue reading Analysis Dangerous Golf

The Best Platforms of The Story: Super Mario World

If I had to pick five games to take to a deserted colony on Mars, Super Mario World would certainly be one of the chosen, a statement I have always been present and that curiously’ve heard or read to more than one person.

Is not only my favorite installment of the series, followed closely by Super Mario Land for Game Boy, I think that is the ultimate Mario, exact and precise formula and a genus level. All of a timeless classic able to make you enjoy this same time as it did the first day, something that cannot boast the vast majority of video games. There are many reasons why I have great esteem for SMW, but first must acknowledge that there is an emotional phone since it was next to Street Fighter II, my first game for Super Nintendo.

Beyond sentimentality and melancholy that produce the great classics, there are other rational reasons that make this game one of the best platforms ever created, but the best. When I think of, I winging my mind is the layout of your map, one of the first and exciting virtual worlds that I explored. Such a map, an incredible various plasma kingdom evolves your way, even keeping secrets and hidden levels that lead to even more magical areas if possible. This interconnected world allows us to orient ourselves and levels can be played again and again in search of secret or simply for the pleasure of repeating any of its fantastic levels. A novelty in the saga. Continue reading The Best Platforms of The Story: Super Mario World

Minecraft sells 100 million copies: One Tetris and Wii Sports would surpass

It is not a game, is a phenomenon. Minecraft has become a benchmark both in the world of entertainment as in training and education at all levels, and those responsible for Microsoft, who bought Mojang two years ago, they can be satisfied with that acquisition.

In fact just they announced that they have sold over 100 million copies worldwide in its different versions, a milestone that marks a whole before and after in the history of video games. Wii Sports Tetris and only managed to overcome those figures. Continue reading Minecraft sells 100 million copies: One Tetris and Wii Sports would surpass