Papa's Bakeria

Papa’s Bakeria

Country of the Games and Flipline Studios present us Papa’s Bakeria. In this new proposal we have to bake and sell cakes to our customers rich in Whiskview Mall. Our goal as a pastry chef will prepare a wide assortment of tart cherries, apples and nuts.

Every day our customers will come to our store to take care your order, cakes and custom cakes that we ourselves have to cook in an orderly and respecting each of the steps for preparation, all to become a pastry chef first. Once prepared one of the selected will have to bake cakes, control the cooking time and then add the amounts and ingredients desired by our customer’s masses. By indicative that appear in the order we will know what exactly what our customer wants and get rewards for getting our best desserts.

Papa's Bakeria
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At the end of each day we enjoy mini-games, unlock different extras and as we progress in the game our local start receiving more clients. At that time we can dispatch multiple orders at once and that is when the challenge and fun increase having to prepare several custom orders at the same time.

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Cooking is fashionable and can also be fun through a simple video game. Papa’s Bakeria is fun; the characters have a nice appearance and make the perfect cake for your customer ends up becoming something addictive.

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