Color switch

Color switch

Country of the Games and gametion present us with a new and interesting proposal called Color Switch. In this fast – paced game of skill, the player must make a small ball of colors, whose tone is changing at random, bounce and remain suspended to fly between tones of different surfaces of the figures so that they match.

In Color Switch must have quick reflexes to score points by reaching a valuable star on the inside of the moving figures? By left of our mouse or using the spacebar button (I recommend the latter option) we must maintain the momentum of our ball, which by its own weight and gravity, falls hopelessly down. Our goal is to touch the orb change and look at our new hue. Then we have to wait for the perfect time to introduce the surface of the figure whose color matches that of our ball. Once we are within the interior of the figure, we have to repeat the same operation to get out of it and move towards the new geometric shape.

Color switch
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I really liked and is pure addiction, demonstrate your ability keeping the ball in the air and give the right impetus at all times is a fun challenge. You will learn to hate the square and just then discover that there are other geometric elements that will put us even more difficult. How far you will be able to get there? Enter your name before starting the game and find out without delay.

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Color Switch is one of the Arcade titles selected by Country of the Games. It has gotten good reviews and many download through Google Play and the App Store. Now you can enjoy the browser version.

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