Making ends Xbox 360

Provided the cessation of manufacturing console nostalgia makes an appearance is announced. It is an inevitable feeling at the same time reminds you already live in another generation and you need a place in the section retro your closet or living room.

Recently, Microsoft announced through an official statement to the production of its flagship console, Xbox 360. It seems like yesterday when it came it was launched in December 2005 and for a little over a decade have enjoyed a console an enviable career and a catalog that has provided jewelry like Halo and Gears of War, exclusive sagas that almost automatically come to mind when one thinks of the machine Microsoft. Continue reading Making ends Xbox 360

Blood Bowl II

It is too easy to miss a game like Blood Bowl II, first because it is a sport based on a little hitch in our country and secondly because we are talking about a sports game movement turns title. These two factors are enough for many players have ignored reasons, even have not heard of this sequel to the faithful adaptation of 2009 Cyanide Studio of Blood Bowl, the game of football based on the board game created by Games Workshop.

Honestly, I had never tasted a title based on the sport, not the famous board game, but without being a hardcore fan the universe Warhammer has always seemed fascinating. The show, the magic of American sports, this curious mixture of ingredients and of course a predilection for the strategy pushed me to become one of the most sensible acquisitions that have been performed since the console launched Sony. Continue reading Blood Bowl II

About walking stories

We’ve all heard of them and surely by now you’ve been tempted to try some. They are called “Walking Stories” or “ride simulators” interactive stories that opt for an experience where skill with the controller gives prominence to the narrative and the power of a good story. They begin to enjoy some popularity and could experience a further boost with the advent of devices RV. This type of adventures generally have the virtue of hooked until the end although its mechanical in most cases do not go beyond opening a door, turn on a radio, browse a book or simply stroll while we discover a stage. Presented at first as oddities, the Walking Stories begin to be increasingly common and are on track to become a new genre. Are we facing a new style? Is a new way of narrating events? Continue reading About walking stories

Hitman Codename 47

If there is something we really have taught the game is to win the game you have to shoot the bad guys, sneak into the beach bar and kill the boss. Hitman showed us that all this can be done clean and elegantly, without a fuss, because few things are as rewarding as having a goal, devise a plan to achieve it and then bring it to fruition precisely and silently.

Hitman: Codename 47 is more than just an action game in the third person, it is an exciting adventure based on stealth where planning and execution of a perfect murder are our hallmark. The work of IO Interactive takes us into the world of the killings, he invites us to draw a creative plan and then knowing the rules of each scenario, manipulate the game’s AI as you wish to meet “work”. Continue reading Hitman Codename 47

The wit is not everything in the artificial intelligence of the game

Sometimes perfection is not everything, playing against machines can be very frustrating because show no sign of weakness, as in the case of artificial intelligence systems built to duel against champions. The problem for these people is to see the coldness of his opponents which do not make mistakes as do the rest of humans, precisely because it is something of our own nature.

The process involves these machines has expanded so much that today events bots vs. other bots and humans vs. IA, whose most famous event is the annual competition are created Starcraft. Video games are a great way to try to IA because they offer a wide range of challenges but once you are able to hone their skills become terrible opponents and any fun. Continue reading The wit is not everything in the artificial intelligence of the game

Mission 43 in Mgs V: The Phantom Pain

Had long wanted to talk about one of the most interesting missions has MGS V: TPP, the number 43 to be exact. A mission that can get to reserve the most exciting moment of the game because in it a powerful charge of emotion that is rising from start to finish is compressed. This chapter is capable of generating one of the highest levels seen in the series epicedia after the outcome of MGS 3: Snake Eater. While being frank, all Metal Gear locked inside unforgettable moment’s representative of each delivery. However, we are here today to talk about the Mission 43, one of the most complex tasks that have to deal Venom Snake.

The controversy often go hand in hand with the game often for situations in which they can get to place the player, remember ” No Russian ” from Modern Warfare 2 for example. Sometimes the themes that address such situations are extracted directly from the rugged reality of our society itself. Taboo subjects, crime, and immoral behavior, current problems of various kinds or crisis facing humanity or has gone through. Thus the scope and impact intensifies. In this sector if something is able to generate buzz and to talk about quite possibly be the meaning of a great success. Continue reading Mission 43 in Mgs V: The Phantom Pain

Shadow of the beast

Lack little time so we can enjoy an exclusive reinterpretation for PS4 of Shadow of the Beast, a game that is not often remembered as much as it deserves. 

Those who have still present to this great classic of 1989, do not forget a hard cartridge gnaw, those who seem to have been created solely for a purpose: to forge nerves and patience of steel with a difficulty level that could eventually destroy health more mentally painted.  Continue reading Shadow of the beast